These days passed really fast. I really enjoyed them, had fun and laughed plenty. I went out with friends and let Bailey play with their furry friends too. There’s nothing better than seeing a tired dog! That’s a happy dog.

I’ve been having such a great time enjoying the smallest things. I’m having fun practicing new hobbies, reaching my daily goals and building new relationships. It seems that the sun is shining again on my path.

But what changed ? Why all of a sudden? Why just now? Well… That’s because my point of view changed. I refuse to stay gloomy – instead I smile more. I don’t want to stay silent anymore – I say hello to everyone. I am waking up early again and make time for myself, to listen to my inner voice.

Sometimes I think it is too good to be true. For the past years, I turned into a hedgehog, trying to shake off everyone and everything. However, I am slowly opening up to the world again and it feels like there’s another person inside of me who just took over. Toxic relationships and bad influence can really destroy a person from inside.

Accept change.

Don’t be afraid to cry on the spot if that makes you smile a lot more later.


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