These days have been a huge success for me.  I can finally start seeing results after my hard work. All the hassle is paying off at last! I feel energized and ready to take on the whole world!

I complained and complained so much that I realized I’ll only keep on doing it unless I do something about it. What do I struggle so much with? Long story short – I lack confidence. I recently received some great piece of advice from a friend. He told me to just take pictures of myself until I think I look good, from different angles. Which I did. It felt awkward at first, embarrassing as well, but after a few days of looking at myself from different angles, I realized it’s not as bad as I had imagined it to be.

I also went out more with friends. Not only did Bailey have a great time playing with different dogs, but I also enjoyed laughing freely, running in the grass and just having an amazing time. Maybe my depression was also triggered by my isolation from people. The little hedgehog is starting to open up slowly, shedding one thorn at the time.

Growing up is difficult.

Adulting is hard.

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