I feel like a little kid today! I am so excited to see snow again! Whenever I play in the snow or simply look out of the window and see it, I get all warm inside. It brings a lot of great feelings.

These days have been a real wake-up call for me. I am guilty of posting less, I agree, but I also did plenty of soul healing. I had fun recharging my batteries. I’m quite sure that if you follow my stories on Instagram @yulobochan, you’ll see I go out everyday with Bence. This offers me plenty of time by myself when I get home since Bailey is like a broken little dog – sleeping as much as possible. I also started dragging her around everywhere in the city – be it at the post office or simply corner shop, she comes along.

I finally found the motivation to restart my studies. I am so looking forward to seeing myself a few months away from now and see how I progressed. Isn’t life wonderful when you decide it is beautiful and make the most of your day? I enforced some daily tasks on myself like a routine and it works wonders – it keeps my mind busy and healthy at the same time. 

As for my next goal: I want to post more often on Instagram! I gotta take my DSLR out again and shoot more often. I am thinking of trying to introduce Molly with Bailey. It’d be a nice challenge for me.

Let’s see where next month takes me.

Have faith in yourself.

Don’t give up.

Smile! 🙂

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